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Have Not Posted Much Lately!! But new Quilting Project

I haven't posted anything or much in a while but I am hoping to be posting the progress of a new Table Runner/Wall Hanging I am making for my Fall Decor.  The fabrics used in this have an original set of fabrics that I received from my  sister-in-law for my Birthday in July.  The fabrics are NY State Fabrics  The tell places in NY especially upstate New York, where I am from.  My sister-in-law sent this fabric knowing I miss the Upstate NY so much and I am living in Las Vegas, which is a vast difference.  The material has such things as Maple Syrup (which is produced in the spring there) I am including a picture of the two materials that are the basis of my making the Wall/Table quilting project I hope to get done fairly soon.. Hoping!!!   After looking through my emails within days of receiving these fabrics from her I came across a Maple Leaf pattern for quilting.  Well, needless to say that was my little angel telling me that was to be the theme of this project.  So I mention

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