Friday, August 26, 2016

Have Not Posted Much Lately!! But new Quilting Project

I haven't posted anything or much in a while but I am hoping to be posting the progress of a new Table Runner/Wall Hanging I am making for my Fall Decor.  The fabrics used in this have an original set of fabrics that I received from my  sister-in-law for my Birthday in July.  The fabrics are NY State Fabrics  The tell places in NY especially upstate New York, where I am from.  My sister-in-law sent this fabric knowing I miss the Upstate NY so much and I am living in Las Vegas, which is a vast difference.  The material has such things as Maple Syrup (which is produced in the spring there) I am including a picture of the two materials that are the basis of my making the Wall/Table quilting project I hope to get done fairly soon.. Hoping!!!  

After looking through my emails within days of receiving these fabrics from her I came across a Maple Leaf pattern for quilting.  Well, needless to say that was my little angel telling me that was to be the theme of this project.  So I mentioned it to my sister-in-law (from now on shorten to SIL) and she had made and had copies she had made of the pattern so she sent that to me along with several fabrics that I am going to be using in the project.  I will at a later date upload a picture of the pattern so you can get some idea of what I will be making.  I had the thoughts after the decision of it being Maple Leaf design that why not make it as a Table Runner but put a Wall Hanging addition on the back then I will hang it on my wall for other times of the year.  This being such a special meaning of the fabrics it originated with I do want to be able to see and use it more than through the Fall season.

Here is a picture of the fabrics she sent and will post later a picture of what the pattern looks like.

So here it is More to Follow with my progress

So here it is More to Follow with my progress

Well,  I just finished cutting out the material and thought I would add the picture of my work and include in the picture a view of what the Table Runner/Wall Hanging will look like..  Feel so good to have this accomplished.  Probably will not work on this any more today but will have it ready for possibly starting the sewing tomorrow.  OH, some cutting that I have not done is of the above fabrics will do those yet today. 

Now that I have posted this picture to me looks a little on the blurry side not as clear as it appeared on the phone.




Spent some time this week working on the Runner and got triangle blocks and setting blocks sewn together.  Really excited the next step is putting rows together.  So here are some more pictures.  Hopefully will be able to work on it more tomorrow but have a REALLY early morning so I will see how I feel after I get home.  

September 11, 2016  

I have been doing quite a bit of sewing the last two days on this Runner I am getting use to the pattern now and it is coming along faster.  I hopefully will be posting some pictures of my progress tomorrow.   That is if I don't get sewing too much and forget to take photos!!!   But, I will try my best to get some photos of the progression of this project.